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Ways to stay authentic on social media

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Social Media is a form of marketing that uses various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and blogs to promote the products and services. Social media allows the marketer to gain awareness and establish public noise. Through using the networks, the marketer is able to use data analytical tools to track users to gain more engagement. With the power of social media, the marketer is able to engage with the target user easily and be able to build a genuine relationship.

Why is being authentic on social media is important?

Being authentic gives the organization an assurance that the agency is legitimate and it’s trustable. Believe through being authentic the organization is able to gain awareness and right now in the modern days organizations and agency uses social media to interact. This social media platform provides the agency with a way to connect back with potential and existing clients. It is important for the agency to always speak the truth because it helps in building a good reputation.

Sometimes it might be a challenge, but it is important to realize being authentic is about creating brand values and staying true to them. Social media marketing isn’t just about selling but is always about building genuine relationships to encourage a loyal following in the future.

Here are some ways we recommend:

1. Listen and respond

It is important when we make the effort to listen to our customer’s needs, and respond accordingly. It shows our concern for them and our determination to solve the issue at hand.

When a client is looking for an agency, they value one that is able to provide personal consideration, whom they can trust and speak to. Formulaic language may just backfire, so just be yourself!

2. Being consistent 

Whatever you post online should be consistent, it could be something simple like having your company logo in every post, collating marketing materials, posting videos or ensuring the social media team is always up to date with the latest news. Alternatively, picking a brand voice that is humorous may appeal better to readers and clients more so why not give that a try?

3. Share constantly

As an agency, clients depend on you to continuously monitor and maintain their page. Consistently churning out content, be it other blogs, videos or even images, helps generate more interest and over time, you might see yourself with a loyal following! The time we have to capture people’s attention is getting shorter and shorter by the day. If you aren’t trying to stay relevant, someone else is bound to take over. Consistence is key!

With all things said and done, we hope you’ve at least better understood the importance of Social Media Marketing and Staying Authentic!

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