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Marketing Ethics


Before the establishment of each organization, the company has to determine its principles and values before commencing business. False claims or invasion of the client’s privacy can be considered unethical, thus, it is essential that each organization practices integrity and transparency while carrying out operations. In this manner, it will ensure the continuity of business as consumers are willing to trust the organization.

Why is applying ethics important?

Having ethics is more than just building the image for the company but it is the foundation every company needs to be successful.  Every individual’s actions that the employee show reflects how the organization is like. When employees perform ethically and do the right things, it helps the organization to maintain a good reputation.

Agency should also share its mission and vision of where they are going towards and what their goals are. By sharing all this, it allows the organization to have a better understanding of how the agency makes the decision behind the scenes and how the products and services will be of benefit for people without using false advertising to entice the consumer to get the product. (Speaking of which – Click HERE to check out our previous guide on the differences between Digital & Traditional Marketing)


Types of Ethical Marketing

Honesty – When running a business, honesty is more than just speaking the truth, but also really about being yourself and performing the values that the company is first founded on. Honesty sets the foundation right and is one of the key factors in every organization, and it helps to build a better relationship between organizations and the agencies.

Responsibility – Responsibility is one of the core values that we as an agency need to practice too. It is about building trust between the organizations and the agency. When accepting the organization projects, we are responsible to take ownership and ensure that we make the organization successful.

Transparency – Transparency is the core value in Marketing, it creates the right culture when the agencies practice this. Transparency gives the clients assurance, it builds trust and relationship because the client knows that the company is performing standard ethics.

Integrity – Integrity plays an important role in retaining customer loyalty and increasing sales, no organization will want to work with an agency that doesn’t have integrity. That is why it is really important that we constantly practice and perform under the right culture.

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