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Google Flights Arrives in Singapore

Google has rolled out a new feature in its search engine in Singapore that is meant to make it easier for travellers to compare flight options and explore new travel destinations.

Known as Google Flights, from Monday (Dec 17) users can simply look for the best routes and fare prices by keying in the search terms “Flights to”, followed by the name of the travel destination of their choice, in the Google search bar.

The feature can be accessed via most mobile devices, including tablets and laptops.

On Google Flights, users can compare flight options based on “preferred dates, pricepoint, airlines, connecting airports or even explore flying to alternate airports”, Google said in a news release.

When selecting departure and return dates, Google Flights will also offer users with tips on how to find the best prices for a particular route, which will be prompted in a notifications bar.

Users who need more time to decide on their flights “can choose to track a flight and receive email notifications to monitor price changes and travel tips”, Google added.

For those who cannot decide on which countries to travel to, they can get inspiration from the Explore section, which offers ideas on where to go based on popular destinations or activities they are interested in.

“If you want to get away for a holiday next month just choose ‘January’ and a trip duration like ‘2 weeks’ to see the dates with the lowest prices to visit each place,” the news release said.

Credits: CNA Lifestyle