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How Social Media Ads Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

There are 7.6 billion people in the world, 4.1 billion on the internet, 3.03 billion people on some form of social media.

Are you engaging with your consumers through social media? If you haven’t, then maybe you should start thinking about how to, on a platform containing almost half of the entire world’s population.

64% of online shoppers say that watching a video on social media helped them to decide on a purchase, so just imagine your product or service popping up exactly when these eager shoppers need them to! Of course, if you are looking for something aside from conversions, there are still other ways to make use of social media to reach certain goals.

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You can find and engage users who are already interested in your brand, create traffic for your website, and improve the top-of-mind awareness of your audience, all done from your brand’s very own social media account. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve that, on one of the fastest growing social media platforms, Facebook.

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Introducing Facebook Pixel, lines of codes integrated into your website that can track conversions, optimise ads, and help you target a relevant and suitable audience. If you wish to, you can even retarget certain leads that you already have! It follows your audience when they go to certain websites, so that your ads could potentially show up on those web pages. The data collected enables you to refine who you want to target and is extremely useful for refining your targets and the kind of content you are pushing out.

A Facebook Pixel is usually created by following these instructions, and once installed on your website, it can track your consumers as and when they surf the internet. If you think you need some help with installing your code on so many pages, a tag manager like Google Tag Manager can be very helpful, and the option to link it to your Pixel is already one of the displayed options when creating your Pixel.

From there, the Pixel can track your customers from page to page and provide you data about them, making retargeting easy as well as tracking things like which pages are most visited and how long they stay on those pages. You can even create custom audiences in ad groups, so you can focus on consumers most likely to buy your product or service, and push for a conversion and sales more efficiently.

To attract consumers to click into your site, you need an eye catching advertisement that ensures clicks (and for your Pixel to work, you need to attach it to and adas well!). A Facebook Ad can come in various forms, like the carousel, single image, single video, slideshow, or canvas.You can make use of these various types of ads to create your marketing collateral! Carousels present the opportunity to showcase various products, functions or services, just as a slideshow can. Using the carousel gives mobile users in particular a fun way to interact with your ad, as they can scroll through your images or videos, and you can even customise them to have some link or interaction between each other. Facebook has provided some examples, which range from dynamic to classy.

Meanwhile, a single image can be taken from your current posts to act as an advertisement, and a canvas provides a mix of both videos and images, so you can have more engaging content. You can insert product photos or beautiful graphics, and so on, but it is advisable to limit the amount of or space taken by your texts to at most 20% of the whole picture in your Facebook advertisements.

With the huge variety of tools available to help with digital marketing, there is a plethora of options to set the stage for your brand. But you can leave that to us when we run a Facebook Pixel for your website! Interested in running Facebook Ads? We’d love to help your brand with that! Give us a call or leave a message here!

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