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What Is CRM And Why Should Every Business Have It?

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management, or better known as CRM, you hear about it, but do you know about it? As a business strategy tool, CRM is built to nurture the relationship for your business and your customers. How does it do so, you may ask. The integration of your customers’ information and documents are stored in a cloud system called Software as a Service (SasS), which allows for the easy and convenient access to them for any department, at any time.

Through CRM, widely dispersed information from the different departments will all be centralised and located in the SasS, allowing for easy access. By doing so, anybody with access, despite the department, will be able to see a holistic view of a customer at any point in time. This behavior aims to put customers in the topmost priority and provide them with even better customer experience. Here are some ways CRM can be put into good use.

1. Time pressure no more!
With every changes and comment easily tracked, employees can now make swift and prompt decisions under time pressure, or even to upsell complimentary products. (Since you are interested in upselling another product to your client, do you know how a customer value journey is like? Read here to find out about their journey to ensure you are promoting your product at the right time.) This ensures that customers are given the best service standards from the team at all times.

2. Hassle-free handover
If you are in a high turnover industry, you must know the pain of taking over a new client’s account with a ubiquitous spread of information. A smooth handover can only happen when you are fully aware of the different characteristics and histories of a client. Thus many a time, handovers decrease the client’s satisfaction with your organisation. Things will not be the same with a CRM system as every step and change along the way of the client’s lifecycle with your company can be relooked into.

3. Manage Leads
Have an effective sales team which often find themselves inefficient in cold calls as they are all given the same list of leads confusing which are hot, warm or cold? CRM allows for simultaneous labeling and editing of leads to ensure that employees are not calling the same lead, or to simply allow for better filtration of the leads.

There are so many benefits a CRM system can bring to you and your team which is not exhausted in this blog post. However, if you are already interested to incorporate one for your organisation, we would love for you to keep your eyes on this space as something exciting is brewing from OC Digital! 😉

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