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Your Competitors Are Online!

There is one thing in business you can always count on being a thorn in your side: competition. It’s the one force you cannot control and they can pose an unpredictable threat to your business. They are always out there selling their product for a lesser price or give away more to gain business.

Competition for online space is growing. You may already be using search engine marketing to get your business in front of local consumers, but if that’s all you’re doing, you could be missing out on a treasure trove of people in your market who want to do business with you.

In addition to pay per click ads, here are a few more digital marketing tactics to consider that can help you reach new audiences online and influence purchase decisions:

•    Reach New Audiences with Social Ads
•    Drive Decisions with YouTube
•    Build a Presence from your Website to your Local Listings to your Social Media Pages to Close the Deal.

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Reach New Audiences with Social Ads.
With each change that Facebook makes, businesses are challenged to engage their audiences there in new ways. Advertising on Facebook is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to combat the decline in organic reach on the site and connect with relevant audiences before they ever turn to a search engine. Whether you want to generate leads, build engagement, or encourage website visits, you can target your Facebook ads to the right consumers based on factors like their geographic area, interests, demographics, life events.

Drive Decisions with YouTube.
Video content and advertising are quickly rising to the top of a local business’ toolkit, and for good reasons. With all the noise online, video is one of the best ways to tell your business story and influence your target consumer’s buying decisions. And YouTube is the place to do it. YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any television network and tracks actual video views, unlike TV ads. And now, YouTube advertising is more affordable than ever, making it a great time for small- and medium-sized businesses to start advertising there.

Build a Presence from your Website to your Local Listings to your Social Media Pages to Close the Deal.
To really win online, you need more than just a solid paid advertising strategy. You also need to lay the groundwork for your entire online presence, from your website to your local listings to your social media pages. By making sure your business shows up and tells a consistent story across the web, you’ll soon have a presence that convinces your prospects to choose you over the competition. And when your web presence shines, your paid campaigns will work that much better.

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