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All About Beacon Technology

Currently one of the up and rising development, beacons are small, compact wireless transmitter which makes use of Bluetooth technology. Beacons connect and transmit tailored information to smart devices that are surrounding it as notifications, thus making location-based searching even more precise and simpler.

Credits: startupIoT

If you are wondering how it works; each device houses a CPU, radio, and batteries. Putting these elements to work together, it sends out an identifier in its surrounding which your smart device will then pick up. As each identifier sends out, they carry a unique ID number which allows your device to recognize it as unique to the beacon and the customized message.

Although the beacon technology is very similar to GPS and Geofencing, it is important to know their differences as they each use a different electronic component.

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Now, you might be wondering how can beacon technology be used and incorporated in your marketing efforts. Let us share with you some implementation examples from brands you are familiar with.

In recent years, Target has integrated beacon in its mobile app to aid shoppers in the navigation to the products they are looking for. K-Supermarket has seen a rise in their in-store conversion rates through a unique targeting which sends shoppers a recommendation for the item they are purchasing for.

Bringing it nearer to home, Changi Airport has seen multiple efforts in incorporating beacons around its vicinity. From sending notifications of ongoing promotions to travelers in the different terminals; to collaborating with major airlines to work on an app for the use of the airlines’ staff to locate passengers within the lounge, should they be late for their flight.

Credits: Retail Dive

Pocari Sweat and 7-11 have also very successfully made use of beacon in one of its marketing campaigns; where fans of Pocari Sweat are given a running route based on their preferred destinations. Fans are then to pass through as many 7-11 outlets as they can, by rewarding them with a virtual token for each outlet passed by. This token can then be used to play different games on the app to win attractive prizes.

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