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Facebook for Businesses

Why should businesses use Facebook?

With more than 2.38 billion monthly active users, businesses can leverage Facebook marketing to boost brand awareness and build a better relationship with its customers. With the flourishing number of users, Facebook is not a platform to thrust aside if you are looking into marketing digitally.

Besides achieving a wide reach, you can also make use of the various features in the Facebook Business account manager. Some of these include customising your target audiences and determining your daily budget, which is especially helpful for businesses working with a limited budget.

Additionally, Facebook also allows for a wide range of advertisements which helps achieve different objectives – be it to drive awareness, increase traffic or conversions. The most common ad type done by businesses is the single image ads or video ads, which consumers are often exposed to. Unless these ads are interesting, consumers often scroll past them.

So how, then, do you draw their attention? Here are some of the lesser known, yet equally effective ad placements which can inject a sense of novelty to consumers:

Facebook Advertisements

In the large sea of users, it is important that your ads are shown to the intended audience. Thus Facebook offers an extensive targeting option to help businesses reach their specific target audience. Some ways ad targeting can be filtered are through the different geographics, demographics, behavior, and interests (likes) of the users.

With a plethora of ad placements and configurations offered on Facebook, knowing the different features each come with allows for businesses to optimize the placement suited for its operation. Here are some newer array of ads we have noticed on Facebook:

Facebook Store Visit AdsUsing geo-targeting, ads appear on the newsfeed of users who are in the vicinity of your retail, sending a locally relevant message. Learn how to better optimize Facebook Store Visit Ads.

Facebook WhatsApp Ads

Similar to the accustomed Facebook ad, Facebook Whatsapp ads allow for the customer to direct their queries to your WhatsApp Business account. This two-prong approach enables for a quicker and real-time response to customers while providing an additional personalized service to each customer, thus building a stronger relationship.

Facebook Collections Ads

The Facebook Collection Ad consists of a cover image or video and accompanying product images after. When tapped, a full-screen version of the product appears which is designed to boost engagement and get people interested and excited about your product, all within a fast-loading mobile experience.

Interested in how Facebook can further be used for businesses? You may be interested in how chatbots can be of help to your business.

Content Marketing

Now that you have ads, what type of content should you post? Unfortunately, there is no cookie-cutter template for the type of content which yields the best response amongst users. Therefore, our word of advice is to experiment with different content types. E.g. Text only, images, videos, GIFs.

While you may have a great post to share, it is equally important to ensure that your post will reach most of your subscribers. Hence, this is where Facebook insights for business come in handy as it is able to share the page’s posting prime time, derived from the highest user interactions in the different timeframes.

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