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The Importance Of Website Design

In this digital age, you need to connect to your consumers online through social media, mobile app or the website you curate for your business. While some brands advertise extremely well on social media, they still don’t see enough leads or conversions on their webpage. If you are one of them, this blog post is for you. Many don’t recognise how website design, something so subtle, can bring such huge impact to the user experience. Some businesses lose their prospects due to bad user experience on the webpage.

To start off, let me introduce 2 main components of a website design – UI and UX. UI refers to user interface which is the graphical interface. This basically refers to what the user see on the webpage. UX refers to user experience. This refers to what the user feel when he/ she views your website.

User Interface
For UI, it’s all about the first impression which depends on the consumers’ intuition. A website design that looks good to one, might not look good to the other. Before you launch your website, have a survey with the people around you and see if the design seems good to the rest. If there are disagreement amongst your colleagues, chances are your consumers may not like the webpage either. One tip is to think your web design as the face of your business. Use warm, vibrant colours if you want to appear as friendly to your consumers. Otherwise, you can use white or grey colours to appear as chic and cool. Always keep your design simple and clear, only conveying the necessary and relevant information.

One good example would be Airbnb, where you are greeted with high resolution photos and a simple search box that allows you to key in information necessary for booking a place. Such interface is pleasant-looking and looks more welcoming than websites that have a messy and cluttered interface. With that, you score the first step in keeping consumers engaged to your website.

Credits: Airbnb

User Experience

For UX, it’s all about the usability of the website. Is the website easy to navigate? Are pages loading instantly when clicked? These are some criterias that are essential in determining the usability. If you fail to achieve these, consumers are likely to switch to another brand with a better website user experience. Furthermore, this leaves a bad impression of your brand thereby impacting your sales adversely.

Citing the same example, Airbnb, you’ll see suggestions as to what to experience and where to explore in different countries when you scroll further down. These are information that are helpful to consumers and would appeal consumers to stay engaged on the website. With such good user experience, consumers are more likely to purchase with Airbnb.

Credits: Airbnb

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Now, you have a sensing as to what a good website requires. If you need help in revamping your website, let us professionals help you. Don’t hesitate to call us at +65 6343 0068 or drop us an email at today!