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5 Basic Link Building Techniques to Increase Website Ranking

Search Engine Optimization is getting increasingly complex with over 200 factors in Google’s Algorithm that has made it increasingly challenging for Marketers to get organic traffic.

Despite that, a new Google link study has shown that links are as important as ever for rankings and this would likely persist, especially quality links.

Here are 5 ways to ensure quality links to improve your site ranking:

1) Get Older Backlinks
Older domains generally have more authority and thus more value than newer domains.

2) Diversify Your Links
Get backlinks from multiple sources and different C-Class IPs. Having many links from the same IP is a form of black hat which manipulates links and rankings.

3) Choose A Good Link Location
Links are more valuable within the context of a webpage than one that is placed unnaturally or in a blank space. Also, links at the start are worth more than those near the end.

4) Ensure Relevant Links
Ensure that your links come from sites relevant to your website and that the content is relevant to the linked webpage on your site.

5) Use Common Keywords in your Page Link & Webpage Title
Coined by Google as “Experts linking to Experts”, similar keywords used in the titles of your link and page increases the quality score of your backlink.

With the increasingly complex structural changes in Google’s algorithm, it is impetus to adapt your SEO optimization to make your site increase the visibility of your site.

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