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Picking The Right Agency

If you are thinking about renewing the contract with your current agency or looking for one to work with, we have 5 tips to share. These are crucial terms that determine the working relationship with the agency and the success level of your campaigns, do not neglect them!

Is the agency further outsourced or in-house?

By its nature, agencies are usually outsourced as they are specialised in a specific area which you require, and most of the time for the better. However, this would become a problem if the agency your company have engaged is further outsourcing its work overseas. 

When the above mentioned is practised, not only do the agency you have contracted are not fully responsible for their work delivered. This may also cause a potential slowdown of workflow, communication barriers, lack of understanding in the domestic market, or even on sensitive topics such as racial, gender and political matters. 

An in-house agency team has the ability to give you the latest updates on your campaigns, which is critical when dealing with a one-off campaign or one that has never been done before. Besides, what you have paid for is a dedicated team which would help reach your campaign goals, not a middle-man. 

Know the team

After knowing that your agency of choice is a dedicated in-house team, the next thing to look out for is the team you have been assigned to. Are you able to communicate well with the team? Are they able to foresee the direction your goals are leading towards? Do they share the same drive and motivation as you do in reaching the campaign goals? 

The team that you are working with highly determines the results of your campaign. If anything, you should feel like they are your colleagues you see each day. 

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Make your goals known!

It is vital that you make known what the goals your organisation is directing towards as it is to find a capable agency. Do not be afraid to share with the team your short and long term aims as it would provide them with a clearer direction and gameplan for your campaigns. 

Up to date strategies

With the apace rate of trends and fads rising in our fast-paced society, one would no longer be surprised to wake up to a new trend that has blown up on the other side of the world, whilst you are in your sleep. As such, your agency and team should be able to catch onto these wavering strategies. 

If you are unsure what are the trends in the digital marketing realm for 2019, check them out and see if your agency is tapping onto them!

Credibility & transparency

Last but not least, is the choice of your agency credible and transparent in their performance and work ethics? Many have disregarded this as a criterion when choosing their agency. However, this is the single most important factor. 

With the fierce competition amongst agencies, many turned to black hat methods to achieve seemingly good results to cook their reports through means of purchasing likes and/or clicks. 

There are many ways you can go about checking an agency’s credibility and transparency, which includes checking on its clientele, making a trip down to their office, checking their offerings with multiple representatives. 

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