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Greater Transparency translates to Enhanced Digital Advertising

In 2019, brands are demanding more accountability from their agency partners, with 45% of marketers already taking some or all their media-buying plans in house as of last year. As programmatic becomes further ingrained as the predominant ad placement solution, advertisers are in-housing this technology to gain greater control and management of data, targeting, performance, and ad spend – to name a few benefits.”

As the media industry advances over time, consumers are becoming more concerned with the degree of transparency in online content data. The audiences are expecting greater transparency while maintaining quality content data and an enhanced experience. Consumers need to be engaged with the right content at the right time. By doing so, businesses are able to analyze their targeted audience on a deeper level.

When transparency is established in your brand, more partnerships are formed as the tendency to start any forms of fraud is less plausible. Greater transparency and better advertising go hand in hand as the audience is looking at how your ads are running and in turn, they would evaluate the extent of your business’ credibility.

When a company decides to allow their audience to better understand data quality, consumers are able to make more well-informed decisions that bring potential returns for their organization. Moving forward, the audiences are more willing to work with agencies who are transparent in their practices and services.

OC Digital firmly advocates for the value of transparency across our range of services. We look to deliver an enhanced experience for our clients and provide deeper insights into the world of media and advertising.

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