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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is a subject matter that is frequently discussed amongst HR practitioners as they believe that it is the key to retaining employees in a company. Defining Employee Engagement is not an easy task as engagement can encompass many different aspects. Fundamentally, Employee Engagement is a pivotal element to enhanced productivity.

However, employee engagement does not necessarily translate into employee satisfaction and/or happiness.

Employees who are engaged look forward to starting the day at work and understanding their role in the organization. They go above and beyond what is expected of them as they feel a need to fulfill their purpose in the company. These employees help to enhance your company culture and boost morale amongst colleagues as they are passionate about the things they do at work. Ultimately, engaged employees are aware of how their job aligns with the overall company’s vision, mission and direction.

On the contrary, disengaged employees do not feel a real connection to their roles and are willing to do only the bare minimum. Disengaged employees are not concerned with the company’s overall well-being and do not thrive to invest any efforts in helping the company. There is a high tendency for disengaged employees to make errors and spend less time working. In the long-run, the company is going to suffer the impact as productivity is lost in the process.

Benefits of Employee Engagement

Higher Retention and Lower Turnover

When employees are engaged, companies can be rest assured that the retention rate will increase and employees are less inclined to leavethe company. In this manner, companies can retain their best talents in the company and focus on greater matters.

Increased Profitability

When employees are engaged, they work hard for the company and produce quality work which ultimately leads to more referrals/business from clients as they are satisfied with the service that was provided for them.

Increased Employee Loyalty

When employees are engaged, they become loyal to your organization and act as company ambassadors. On top of that, engaged employees spread good words to their social circle about your company and further instill a sense of loyalty with the company.

At the end of the day, Employee Engagement is a concept that is crucial to any company, regardless of industry. All companies should strive to engage their employees in any way possible. What is the next step can your business take to engage your workers?