Social Media Marketing SMO Services

Social media has not only changed the way we communicate with family and friends, but also the way businesses and clients discover and interact with one another. For many companies, it is not just about image and buzz — traditional businesses have realized that strategic use of social media allows for deeper penetration of markets, making it possible to reach out to an ever-wider audience. At OC Digital, our Social Media Experts help you control and optimize your presence in social media. Whether you are looking to build a dialogue and engagement with your clients or learn about your customers’ needs and views to achieve brand equity and relationships, we can make them happen. Using a variety of highly effective yet surprisingly inexpensive Social Media Optimization (SMO) tools, we work with our clients to strategically plan their day-to-day online presence. Some of the social media marketing services we offer include:

  • Blog contribution
  • Social bookmarking
  • RSS feeds
  • Managing of forums
  • Facebook profile-building & advertisments
  • Other social media platforms

What is SMO?

SMO is the use of social media outlets and its users to generate publicity and also to raise awareness of a product, brand or an event. Through the use of services such as RSS feeds and social bookmarking, as well as social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, video and blog host sites, SMO generates both traffic and awareness for a website. It attracts your target audience by exercising a communal approach, thereby encouraging greater voluntary awareness and attention to your business.

With the massive array and marketing efforts conducted online, it has become increasingly important to enable a customer-centric interaction through social media, and not merely sufficing with a corporate website.

OC Digital helps you to optimize your website and its contents for sharing across social media and networking sites. We invite you to skim through our full range of SMO services and let us know how we can best meet your immediate needs.