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Rising Trend Of Display & Video Ads

Display ads are advertisements that utilizes logos, animations, videos and photographs which are highly visual, unlike text-based ads. One common example are your banner ads that are usually labeled with “Sponsored” or “Ad”, informing viewers these are paid placement. As for your video ads, you’ll most commonly see them before, during or after your Youtube video plays. These ads are now gaining popularity amongst marketers and are especially effective in gaining consumers’ attention.

Based on Satistica, digital advertising spending on videos have been steadily increasing from USD$25,022 million in 2017 to an expected total spending of USD$34,825 million in 2019. This figure is expected to rise even further to a total of USD$52,018 million by 2023.

Besides video advertising, banner advertising is increasing gradually as well. In fact, the ad spending on banner advertising was already at a total of USD$51,810 in 2017. It is expected to reach a total of USD$76,464 million by 2023. Evidently, both advertising methods are marketers’ growing favourite and banner advertising is receiving a higher budget allocation as compared to video advertising. With these numbers in mind, you definitely have to start pumping even more money to such display ads if not you’ll be losing out to your competitors!

Here are some good examples of banner and video advertising that you can consider incorporating

  1. Interesting Text

Credits: Dropbox

To get your consumers hooked onto your brand, one way is to create interesting text that establishes top-of-mind awareness in consumers. In this case of dropbox, the text here says “How to make teamwork less work”. Such text appeals to consumers due to its relevance and accurately targets the consumer pain points. With such a simple visual, consumers are now aware that such service can solve their problems and at the same time, consumers gain a better understanding of what the company does.

  1. Animated Banner

Credits: Fedex

You can attract your consumers’ attention with animated banners. One famous example is Fedex Just In Time Campaign where they feature parcels being packed as the clock runs. This effectively convey the message that Fedex are fast and efficient in packing the parcels. With animated banners, you keep your consumers locked in as they will be more intrigued by the moving elements as compared to a static banner ad.

  1. Interactive Videos

Credits: Deloitte

Interactive video ads will be the next thing you are going to capture your audience with.

Shorter, more impactful videos are definitely more attention-grabbing than longer videos now. One example is the Deloitte interactive recruitment experience where you get to choose the outcome of the video as you click on the various options provided in the video. Through this video, you would also understand the qualities Deloitte are looking out for in their candidates. These videos are fun and engaging, which is undoubtedly popular amongst consumers.

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