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How To Improve Your Website

1. Focus on SEOAs a prevalent strategy to improve one’s site ranking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) picks up keywords and phrases searched by your audiences to rank them. – Which explains how Google decides which website is listed first from the organic results.

Undoubtedly your next step would be to ensure that these keywords are included in your website, both in text and images.
Want to know more about SEO? Read on about it here as we dive in-depth on the topic.

2. Be mobile responsive

With the number of mobile phone users increasing over the years, we are currently (as of August 2018) seeing more than 3.7 billion mobile phone users – that is almost half of the population in the World!

Besides, with Google’s new initiative in 2015 that introduced a new ranking criterion, mobile responsiveness, this is another reason why all websites should be mobile friendly! For each time your website is being loaded, Google’s algorithm ensures to scan through your pages and record down the load time. Sites that perform well on mobile devices with a fast loading time would be pushed up on organic search results.

3. Do not be afraid of empty spaces
The phrase “The more, the merrier” is not a good application for your websites. Though having information about your product or service would be useful to your target audiences, knowing what is sufficient would increase the overall user experience and interaction for them. To know how much is too much, always put yourself into the shoes of your target audience. If you find your page too clustered, 99% of your target audience would too! Keen to know more about UI/UX for your webpage? Read more about how a good website design is important.

4. Use the right photos
We all know that pictures create a more pleasant memory more the majority. While that is true, an appropriate picture would further enhance the experience. An example would be faces and humans as they carry a magnetic power that can draw people’s attention to a specific part of your website.

A proven example would be the experiment results presented above. In this experiment, it is noted that the direction the baby is gazing towards steered the attention of people in the same direction.

5. Never stop testing

The last thing anyone would want after going through the process of bettering one’s website is to encounter the infamous 404 error page. To ensure this does not happen, continuous testing and debugging are necessary. Thus, improving your website is never a one-off effort, but rather a constant effort.

However, here at OC Digital, we understand that maintaining a page can get tedious and technical at times. If you are looking to be on Google’s first page results, call us at +65 6343 0068 or drop us an email at and let us help!