Customized CRM Solutions Singapore

CRM a power tool designed for maximum efficiency

Solidify relationships. Automate your systems. Increase Sales.

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A Customer Relationship Management system refers to an integration of different business processes such as logistic, sales, and marketing with the objective of creating and managing meaningful relationships between customers and their vendors in an efficient manner for achieving excellence in business. It is an important addition to any business that wish to collect and analyze customers’ information and behaviour in order to drive growth.

Collect useful information

Create successful campaigns using that information.

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Having good knowledge of customers allows businesses to develop successful marketing strategies that target their specific needs – and increase sales eventually. A CRM system will allow businesses to collate, store and organize customers’ data input from different interactions such as phone calls, emails, and other channels depending on the capabilities of the designed system.

Analyze customer’s behaviour

Gaining a better understanding of your customers increases the ease to target new prospects and boost sales

CRM allows marketing managers to analyse customers’ behavioral actions on the website and interactions with marketing campaigns. A detailed picture of their tastes, needs and buying habits can then be built for businesses to focus their marketing efforts and develop effective marketing strategy at different points of the customers’ life cycle to encourage cross-selling, recurring purchases and customer retention.

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Automated systems, improve customer management efficiency

Lesser time and effort with increased productivity

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Friendly exchange between your business and your members. CRM software helps streamline and automate certain sales-related duties such as creating quotes, processing orders, updating contact information, sending emails, forecasting sales, and evaluating employee performance. Improve productivity by keeping track of sales efforts such as contact and follow-up detail, reducing the duplication of effort between the sales team and customers.

Key Features

Loyalty Program

Track which members receive which awards. Personalize your rewards. Turn your prospective customers into loyalty program members. You can sort these contacts based on their statuses and instantly pull up a report of all contacts you should get in touch with about joining your loyalty program.

Email Integration

Connect with any email provider such as Gmail and Outlook. View every sent and received emails from a single central view.

Customised CRM

Although many prefer ready-made CRM software, many features require customization to meet the specific needs of the company. In addition to pre-packaged software, we customize all our clients’ CRM systems from scratch based on their needs and work towards creating a product that easily extends and integrates with their systems.

Fully Integrated

Connect with any third-party platforms and any tools. Your marketing, automation, databases, systems, and sales processes are all seamlessly integrated within the CRM system.